Welcome you on the website of Anna Ponomarenko, child psychologist from Moscow!
There are some screenshots of my online brain games for kids.
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Dear foreign friends! I am pleased to welcome you on my web-site! I am a professional child psychologist from Russia and the author of many brain games for a preschoolers. All my games I have collected on this web-site games-for-kids.ru and they are free to use. They are in russian language, but I want to translate them in English and adapt to Android tablet. I promise that my new web-site in English language will be also free to use.

Unfortunately I have some problems with my plans. I don't know English well. So I need some money to engage a translator. Also I need money to engage a professional programmer. If you want to support me you could transmit money on my PayPal account

On my russian web-site you could find the online brain games for kids and the printable worksheets. Some examples of my worksheets are on the Pinterest. I am glad that foreign readers like them and pin them.

Above you could see some examples of my online brain games for a preschoolers. There are more than 10.000 different games for a preschoolers on my site now. There are logical games, memory and attention games, math games, speech games and reading games for kids. All these games I want to translate in English and adapt to Android tablet. Now all games are in Flash Technology, so they are available only from a desktops. I hope to your help in my mission. I dream that all my brain games will be available to english speaking kids too.

On this page I shall publish all results of my working by the donation.